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Higher Ground Cafe

It was a beautiful day to be out on a patio again enjoying a caffeinated beverage. So we went down to Higher Ground Café down in Kensington right next to a Starbucks. I would like to make a suggestion and that would be to walk past the Starbucks and go here instead. There was a very eclectic bunch of people there today that all had the same idea, and for your entertainment today, we were also able to watch the runners cruise by that were involved in the Calgary Marathon.

The outside of Higher Ground is deceiving because it looks like a small place but when you go inside to order you drinks is another story. The place is quite trendy with lots of seating. There was lots of cool artwork on the walls. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, it is a great place for people watching, we chose the patio today.

Lets talk about the menu, it’s huge and I mean huge. There was lots of selection of regular drinks along with a good selection of specialty drinks.

Today I went off that beaten path ordering the Mt. Everest specialty coffee, which contained espresso, steamed milk, Irish cream and whipped cream, very tasty. We also ordered a London Fog. All their coffee and tea is organic and free trade. They also sell whole beans there for you to take home and grind yourself. Again with trying something new, we ordered the Toasted Banana Walnut Bread, that’s right toasted banana bread, I would say more grilled as it had grill marks on it, which gave it a little crunch, this was excellent and would suggest you try this when you go here. The banana bread came with a cinnamon brown sugar spread that added to the flavor of the banana bread. We also order a Lemon, cranberry muffin, which was also good.

Higher Ground Café also has their own version of a customer card called coffee cash, for you to load up. Excellent idea.


If you are looking for more of a breakfast, there is a great little restaurant downstairs called The Daily. The barista recommended it to us. They serve breakfast all day. Everyone loves breakfast for lunch and dinner.


Bottom line the service and selection were outstanding and I will be going back to this place and so should you. You won’t be disappointed.

Purple Perk Coffee Market

Hi Everyone, what a great way to start my day, going to Purple Perk Coffee Market down in the Mission area on 4th Street SW. I thought Purple Perk was a stylish café with a mix of old and new decor and I thought it was an excellent place to just hang out with a friend/spouse or even by yourself.


Delicious drinks today, had the London Fog and a Vanilla Latte. We also decided to have breakfast while we were there.


We both ordered the Eggs Benedict. Purple Perk is very generous with the food; our Benedict came with 3 eggs instead of the standard 2. It came with chunky hash brown potatoes that were cooked in a BBQ type sauce that had a little kick to it. The food was excellent and was reasonable priced. The service was great as well.


The baked goods in the display case looked good, but breakfast was the food of choice this morning. There was lots of people coming by and getting food to go as well.


As it was a gorgeous morning we sat out on the patio and people/car watched. While looking down 4th in either direction, it appeared all patios were loaded up as well.


I did get a chuckle with Purple Perk’s front door that had a couple of guidelines on it for entry into the market.


Pour – Beer Wine Food

Just wanted to throw this little gem at all of you out there, not a coffee place but we have this restaurant/pub out in northwest Calgary in the community of Evanston. It has been open for a few months now and is getting more and more popular with the locals. Its great to have a place so close to home that serves great food with lots of beer and wine on tap.


There has to be at least 20 TV’s in the place and not a bad seat in the house. This includes the patio where they are just in the process of installing 2 TV’s.


Tonight was wing night at the Pour. Cheap wings always a fan favorite (40 cent wings). We have been to the Pour several times and have not been let down with the quality and taste of the food. The have food and drink specials every night of the week. Honestly I think we have been there for most of them. I would check out their website at for the daily specials.



Vendome Cafe

Hello everyone, today we visited Vendome Café in historic Sunnyside. The building they are located in was built back in 1912 and has been completely restored back to its original appearance.

The inside of Vendome has a rustic feel with lots of mirrors on the walls with 3 distinct rooms with tables in them. When you walk in the door, you stand in line to order your food and beverages. The kitchen is wide open for all to see while they are preparing your food. Once you get to the till, you order and then the challenge lies in finding yourself a table, no hostess here. Once we found our table, within 5 minutes are drinks arrived.

Today we ordered a vanilla latte, a matcha latte and a hot chocolate. All drinks were hot and tasted great. Within 10 minutes or so our food arrived, we ordered the classic eggs benedict, the French toast bread pudding (spin on French toast) and the buttermilk waffles. All food was excellent.


A few other things to mention is they do have a patio, it was a bit to cool outside today but there was a couple of brave souls sitting outside enjoying a coffee and a square. They offer live music on Thursday nights in May and also have free Wi-Fi.


Cadence Cafe

Hello Coffee Fans, we are at Cadence Cafe in Bowness which is in NW Calgary.


This afternoon we ordered a Vanilla latte, a London Fog, and a hot chocolate as well as a few pastries. Beverages were extremely hot which is a change from the some of the other places I have been lately. Was slightly disappointed with the hot chocolate as it didn’t have a lot of flavor. The rest of the drinks were delicious.


The décor here is very retro diner-ish and is like stepping back in time. Tables and chairs look like they are from the fifties. Very cool. Staff were very friendly. Lots of people here including people with kids enjoying coffee and having breakfast which it appears they serve all day. I will be definitely coming back for breakfast since the food I have seen come out from the kitchen looks outstanding.

We seen on one of the walls, I seen they have a board where you can choose a drink for free if you are down on your luck or short a couple of bucks. The only stipulation is that you pay it forward at some other time.


Lastly, just want to let you know that there is no WI-FI.

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Good Morning to all of you out there. We thought we would start our day at Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar in Inglewood. This is quite a cool place, rustic with an industrial flair.

Gravity also offers live music on the weekends. On May 26th they are having a singer/songwriter showcase and on June 9th and 30th. I think it would be really cool to come down here and enjoy the nightlife at Gravity and support the local talent while enjoying a glass of wine/coffee and a cheese plate.

Our drinks and food just arrived at our table. We ordered the following: a Hot Chocolate, a Dolce and a Chia Tea Latte. All drinks were excellent, I originally ordered the Vanilla Latte but unfortunately they had run out of vanilla syrup, no biggie. No big deal, I went with the Dolce and it is excellent.

Now on to the food, we ordered a cheese bun, a back bacon & apple panni and a yogurt parfait. The panni is a great choice. The parfait was also really good and served in a mason jar, cool touch.

On a side note I Gravity also offers a loyalty program, buy 9 drinks and get the tenth free.

Analog Coffee House

Analog Coffee, 17th Ave SW, Corner Location, Clive Burger, in Mount Royal Village.  Walking in and seeing a full house just ensures that there are supporters of a small little coffee shop.  There was not a single open table in the whole place.  People working on laptops, having a Saturday morning conversations, eating breakfast, and seeing their lovely designs in the hand-crafted drinks. The barista was very helpful when ordering our drinks.  The beverage barista was super energetic and seemed to really love what he does.  He made sure that everyone left with a smile.  Our drinks were made beautifully with hand-crafted hearts on the top.  We ordered two Vanilla Lattés with extra shots and a Chai Tea Latte.  Just to give a small insight, it was so busy that we actually had to sit outside on not a particular nice day in Calgary.

This is a coffee shop that you can enjoy even if you’re not a hipster, you could be a baby boomer, a millennial, or even a lumberjack.

After our coffee’s we walked around Mount Royal Village and seen something beautiful, a Jaguar. (My son will love this!)


Euphoria Café

Yesterday I visited one of my favourite local coffee shops, Euphoria Café in Varsity.  Arriving at the café you could clearly see it was very busy.  It’s always great to see people supporting local coffee shops.  Walking in there was very few open tables.  The barista was very friendly and answered all questions we threw at her… we asked if they still had previous menu options from the Hot Chocolate festival a few months back.  To our excitement they still could make it for us.  Our order arrived shortly after we ordered.  The beverages were beautiful and tasted amazing.  We decided to try their Belgian waffles that they had on menu, Copa Banana, White Chocolate Berry, and the Classic Belgian waffle… all were absolutely delicious.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and inviting.  The was a group of men talking like old hen’s session, a couple ladies catching up, a young couple out on a morning coffee date, and firefighters stopping in for a quick cup of joe.


Here is some information about me and what this blog is about.  I love coffee; I love coffee shops even more. This blog will be dedicated to talking about the amazing coffee shops and the people I meet along the way.  I have been to so many coffee shops in the past and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of starting a blog sooner.  There’s no time like the present.  This site will be full of posts about some of the coffee shops that I have visited, images, facts, and other visual stuff about coffee.

I started to like coffee about 10 years ago and now I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest coffees and coffee shops.  I didn’t start making my own handcrafted drinks until 2012 and that is when my coffee bar started to get new additions.  Now I have everything you would need to run a mini coffee shop out of my kitchen, but I still like going to find unique coffee shops.

I am interested in working out, Tough Mudder, vintage records, Scrabble and travelling back and forth to Vancouver with my wife to see my two kids.

This blog will provide content that is approachable to the novice coffee enthusiast yet still interesting for the coffee connoisseur.  There might not be something for everybody in each post but I will try and cover a wide range of topics.  There might be occasionally off topic post just to keep things interesting.


Why I decided coffee?

I find coffee so interesting because everyone has some connection to it, it’s a daily comfort for many people.  Honestly, what is better than enjoying a coffee in the morning on your patio or sitting by a window in your favourite coffee shop with a cup on a rainy day?

A question I could ask everyone; how much do you know about the coffee you are consuming?  Not many people know what goes into making their favourite coffee beverages.  They just roll through their Starbucks or Tim Horton’s drive-thru every morning or throw some water on the grounds in their coffee maker at home or work.  Consume and repeat.  There isn’t much thought put into it.

Coffee is interesting, complex, captivating, and really trendy.  It’s more than a Monday morning coping mechanism.