Calgary Night Market

This market is held downtown at Central Memorial Park located on 12 Ave SW and 2nd St. The Calgary Night Market runs about every two weeks throughout the summer with the last one happening September 9. The market runs from 4pm to 10pm. Friday night was a great night for the market, weather was excellent for a change.


Central Memorial park is quite a beautiful park, the gardens are well manicured and the two larger fountains were really nice with a variety of water spray patterns.

It is great to see so many Calgarians out checking these markets out and supporting local artisan and merchandise vendors. I would think there was about 25 different vendors set up in the park. This market like others has a variety of food trucks (about 6) and even offers live entertainment.

One of the coolest vendor I saw down there was Mark Oliver Twist, he is a speed painter. He was set up at the one end of the park. No fancy tent, just a white sheet on the ground and all his gear. A milk crate was his easel, a ton of spray paint, a few other tools, some newspaper, and some plastic bags. From that he created some amazing pictures. He had music playing and away he went spraying his canvas, it looked like nothing when he started, he didn’t say a word until his picture was complete. The picture my wife bought took about 20 minutes for him to complete.


The Roasterie and Pie Cloud

We arrived back in Calgary on August 23 and we still had one more day off.  For our final day off we decided to head down to Kensington since we had to return our trailer there, we thought we would go to The Roasterie for a caffeinated beverage and then head over to Pie Cloud for some food. 

Walking into The Roasterie there is an overwhelming smell of coffee, it smells so good.  There is multiple kinds of coffee beans that you can buy, you can buy as little as 100 grams so you can try before you buy more.  They have a primitive old fashioned coffee roaster. 

After smelling a bunch of amazing coffees we decided to order some beverages.  My wife ordered a London Fog, which had a Vanilla and an Earl Grey tea bag with water and milk.  My daughter ordered Frappe and since she couldn’t decide what kind she wanted the barista said he would add Vanilla and Brown Sugar together.  I ordered a Vietnamese which was a double shot with condensed milk over ice.

After talking to the barista for a little bit, we said our farewell and headed over to Pie Cloud.  We were late for breakfast we decided to try their lunch.  Every time we have been there it has always been for breakfast, so this was a new experience for us.

For lunch my wife ordered The Turkey Dinner Meat Pie with Cranberry Relish.  My daughter ordered the Cloud Burger with French Fries.  Finally, I ordered the Chicken and Waffles.  After I ordered our waitress told us that it would be a 25 minute wait, which we thought was amazing that they told us that it would be a little wait.

The Turkey Dinner was absolutely amazing and the Cranberry Relish is to die for, it is so good.  My wife even asked if there would be a way to purchase some of it to take home.  My daughter’s burger was delicious, they have a homemade mustard that they use which was awesome.  The only thing she didn’t like was the pickled white beats on the bottom of the burger.  My Chicken and Waffles were so good, the waffle was light and fluffy and the chicken was moist with a crispy skin.

While we were sitting there we started talking to the owner, Maureen DePatie, about the Cranberry Relish we were told that it was Pie Happy Hour.  We asked why it was on Wednesday’s and Maureen replied that Wednesday’s are boring and we had to make something for people to look forward to each week.  After hearing all this, we knew we had to order some pieces of pie.  We ordered a slice of Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Mermaid Pie, and Banana Cream Pie.  They were delicious.

If you feel like you need a non-alcoholic pick me up on Wednesday’s head down to Pie Cloud in Kensington to pick up some pie.

Rave Coffee

Driving home from Vancouver we were driving through Canmore we thought we should try another coffee shop that we wanted to try last time we came to Canmore.  This little coffee shop is called Rave Coffee it is located right off the highway heading East you would take the second exit into Canmore and it is on the right corner.  Arriving we found that there was a bit of parking, but nothing really accessible for my truck pulling a trailer.


When we entered we had realized that they were closing at 6pm and we went in at 5:40pm.  We walked in and seen a guy wiping down the floor and we had apologized for walking on the clean floor and he said nothing.  So for the first time in a long time we asked for our beverages to go. 

When my wife and daughter ordered Hot Chocolates they were given flavour options of Peppermint, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate.  My wife got a Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate and my daughter got a Vanilla Hot Chocolate.  I ordered a Rave White similar to a Flat White.  After I ordered I asked what espresso blend they were serving today and they said it was an Original Four Country Blend and when I asked what blends, they where hesitant, they were almost unsure.


While we were waiting for our beverages we noticed that they have a bunch of kinds of coffee beans and coffee products for sale.  We also noticed that there was a giant coffee bean roaster in the back with a ton of giant bags of coffee beans waiting to be roasted.

My daughter said that there was no Vanilla flavouring in her Hot Chocolate and that it wasn’t very hot at all.  My wife said her Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate was very chocolatey and said that it wasn’t very hot either.  Mine on the other hand was delicious, perfect temperature and flavouring.

I am a strong believer in first impressions meaning everything and after the ‘brush off’ nature of the barista that was helping us, I am unsure if we will go back to this coffee shop again.  I think if they would have let us know that it would have been cool to hang around and enjoy our drinks even if they were closing in 20 minutes that would have made a big difference.

The Hive

This coffee shop is located in Canoe, BC.  If you are wondering where that is exactly, it is a 10 minute drive from Salmon Arm heading East.  If you are heading on Highway 1 in either direction, you turn on 50th Street NE and follow it to the water.  It’s a little shop close to the tracks and 100 feet from the water.

When you walk in you get a pub feeling which you should since this used to be a pub, now a coffee shop.  The decor is very coffee inspired.  There is coffee beans outside in the flower pots, there is coffee bags on the roof, there is coffee bags used for drapes, there is coffee bag aprons on the baristas, and there is a giant coffee bean roaster that you can see from a window.

After looking at the menu we found that they have some cool stuff.  My wife ordered her usual, a London Fog, but my daughter and I ordered the Honey Macchiato, yo!  (We can thank Christian for the name!)


After talking to one of the baristas we found out that all their coffee is grown wild in the Cloud Rainforest in Mexico.  The Frog Friendly brand owns a part of the Cloud Rainforest which we found very interesting.

There was a really cool wall on the one side that had a ‘What are you Greatful For?’.  There were post-it notes that you were able to write on, so we created our own and took photos of some of our favourites.

While sitting here enjoying our beverages, my wife reads that they have fresh cut french fries, so that means we had to order some fries.  Unannounced to us, they don’t start making lunch until after 11am, but after waiting for a couple minutes we were able to get some.  We were super excited.

We noticed as we were leaving that they even had Coffee Beans in their flower beds out front of the shop.

If you are on your way to Alberta or on your way into British Columbia, you should definitely look this place up and stop in for a caffeinated beverage.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

This little coffee shop is located in Mount Pleasant just off of Kingsway and East 15th Ave.  This location is a stunning space and all their in-house baked goods are as delicious as their hand-crafted, single-origin coffees.


This location has a very big table that can seat 15 or so people and then there is a lounge section near the back corner.  At the front there is three two seater tables by the very large windows at the front of the cafe.  This cafe has very nice natural lighting from the front being all open windows. 

Today I ordered a latte and I added some honey, my wife and daughter ordered London Fog’s, and my son ordered a coffee which is a Cuchimba blend.  Every single beverage we received had latte art, except my sons coffee. 

The London Fogs were made with a powder where water and milk were added, it makes it very creamy and smooth.  The Latte with honey was really smooth and delicious.  The Cuchimba coffee was not bitter and very smooth with a profile of almond, chocolate, and butterscotch.

There was a very cool safe located on the back wall with antlers above… I wonder what they have in there.


An exciting little bonus is that there is two hour free parking along East 15th Ave, it’s limited but there is some spots out there. 

Wired Monk Coffee Bistros

Today we found ourselves in Langley getting ready for one of my sons Whitecaps FC2 games, so we found a coffee shop to enjoy a nice caffeinated beverage before the game.  This location of the Wired Monk is located at the cross streets of 202 Street and 88 Ave in Langley.


This location has a very nice long patio but the only downfall is it is right next to the road, and there was a significant amount of noise coming from the highway only 100 feet away from where we were sitting.


Inside the shop there was as much seating as there was outside.  There was a nice fireplace at the one end of the cafe where two little ladies were sitting catching up.  The had some very interesting names for their drinks here and they had a bunch of different snack and food items.

Since it was nice out we all got iced beverages except my son who got a tall americano.  My wife ordered a iced chai tea latte, my daughter ordered an iced milky way, and I ordered an iced monk macchiato.  Their large beverages here are called “Wired” since there is a bunch of caffeine I am thinking.


As for a little snack I ordered an Oat Fudge Bar and my daughter ordered a Cranberry Apricot Oat Bar.  It looks like they have a ton of different baked goods and every one of them look amazing.  It also looked like they have their own branded coffee beans too.


Milano Espresso Bar and Lounge

This coffee bar is located just off of Broadway and Columbia on West 8th Ave.  They have a nice long patio with five tables and inside they have a bunch of tables and lounge comfy chairs with giant slider doors open to the outside.

All the tables outside were busy and most of the tables inside where all full.  It’s always a good sign to see that most of the tables full with people.  There where people working on their laptops and tablets, others chilling with friends, and others just relaxing and listening to the music.


When we walked in there was a gentleman at the back playing his guitar for everyone to listen, I overheard the barista say that they just started to do this on Saturdays.  It was nice to hear some of the songs that he was playing, while we where here he played “Kissed from a Rose” by Seal and “More than a Feeling” by Boston.  The only thing my daughter thought is that he could have been unplugged and did all his songs acoustic so that it would be more a coffee shop feel instead of a rock concert.

They have some very interesting names for their caffeinated beverages, turksicle, courted, and a stove top, such an interesting way to ask people to order their beverages. 

We checked out their tasty treats and their carrot cake is a giant piece, if we were not going to get dinner after this I would have ordered a slice.

My wife ordered an iced chai tea, my daughter ordered a raspberry mocha, and I ordered an iced turksicle (white and dark chocolate with mocha).  The drinks were very refreshing and delicious.  The only comment my daughter had is she wished it was more raspberry flavouring. 

One of the sad parts of this place is we seen on their Instagram that they do coloured Latte art. Unfortunately, when we came a day there was no one here that could do it.